The Maker.


Hello - I'm Holly. ​ I'm the founder, designer, pattern drafter, cutter and seamstress for pocket.  

I started working on pocket full-time in July 2019, after returning home from seven years living in New Zealand. Whilst I was across the pond, I attained a Bachelor of Design in Fashion from Ara Institute of Canterbury, alongside working in the textiles sector of the industry.

When I came home, I felt a necessity to utilise my skillset as a seamstress to try out a different, slower approach to making & using clothing.  And thus, pocket was born.

I'm passionate about making a positive impact within the realm of fashion, and feel strongly about working towards a more sustainable future in which we can experience better ethics, transparency and accountability. 

One of the things I love about small, independent businesses is the opportunity to get to know the person behind the label. So here's a few facts about me so we can get better acquainted!


(Me, in my happiest state: eating a potato based meal in Japan.)

  • I live and grew up in the quaint West Yorkshire village of Holmfirth, best known as the location for the famous TV series 'Last of the Summer Wine'. In fact, my first job was in a sweet shop set in Nora Batty's house!

  • I dabbled in acting and script-writing before settling on a career in textiles & fashion. In fact, it's still surprising to me I didn't end up working in costume since I love the theatre so much. These days, I mostly participate solely as a spectator. I adore Wes Anderson films (the costumes!!), frequently watch anime and love anything with puppetry. 

  • I have an extremely eclectic music taste and a not-so-secret guilty pleasure for 80's tunes. That synth gets me every time.

  • My Dad lives in Italy and I've also travelled around quite a lot so I love picking up bits of a foreign language. So far, my favourite is Japanese and I'd love to be fluent one day! 

  • When it comes to crafting, I'm a bit of a 'Jill of all trades'. As well as sewing, I knit, crochet, embroider, patchwork, quilt and have developed fingertips  immune to effects of hot glue. 

  • I'm definitely more of a savoury person. For me, potatoes are life. I think my final meal would have to consist of potatoes in all possible manifestations. Or Katsu Curry....with plenty of potatoes. 

  • Perhaps unsurprisingly (you've already gathered I like Japanese culture and crafts, so it's really the next logical step)....I'm rather fond of cats.


Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to know anything else, or just fancy a chat! My (virtual) door is always open.