I'm Holly. 

I'm the founder, designer, pattern maker and machinist for pocket. 

The label was born in July 2019, with the desire to utilise my skillset to help cultivate a stronger culture of care for our clothing.


Doing things a little differently...

believe our clothes should be cherished for a lifetime, not loved momentarily. But we have become increasingly disconnected with the origins of our clothing. 

My mission is to strive to break down the barriers between maker and wearer to offer you an insight into how your clothes are made.

In order to build stronger connections with the objects we choose to bring into our lives, I believe it is important to possess an understanding of the creation process and the skill it involves. 

Core Principles...
  • Transparency

    Communicating the true value of our clothes & championing the craftmanship of the production process

  • Quality

    Producing investment pieces made with care & designed to be worn until they're threadbare and faded.

  • Longevity

    Promoting buying less and loving longer by creating clothing that will withstand the test of time

  • Versatility

    Creating classic, wardrobe staples that are designed to be worn all year round and layered together


Intentionally designing with non-figure conforming shapes to accommodate all shapes and sizes


Producing to demand, to avoid the creation of surplus stock.


Conscious of reducing the impact on our planet, by providing a second-life to existing textiles


Avoiding the use of man-made materials by working with natural fibres that will decompose faster

pkt HQ is part of a communal studio space,

housed within Bates Mill in Huddersfield. 

Once a woollen carding mill, the building now

houses a multitude of makers and creators.

You are welcome to visit! 


You can see where the clothing is made and view the samples of available designs.

Just fill in the form below to make an appointment.


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