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Custom Work: Button down tops

A while back, my friend Jo Blaker tagged me in a request for help from a seamstress. Her friend Ros had a beloved blouse which was becoming a little worn and had posted on her grid to ask for recommendations of someone to help her recreate the top. Jo kindly recommend pocket, Ros got in touch and I was more than happy to accept!

I really enjoy hearing the love stories of people's most worn items of clothing. It's a magical thing when you find a garment that suits you and brings you joy when worn. So I totally got it when Ros was loathe to part with her well-worn top (pictured on the right) and very glad I could extend it's life by re-imagining it in new fabrications.

Ros chose two beautiful Merchant & Mills Linens for her new tops, both of which were a joy to work with. Linen is such a versatile material and gets softer and more supple with age, perfect for the creation of garments with longevity in mind.

And here are the two re-created pieces....

And some clips of the making process...

It was a pleasure to make these tops for Ros, which I know will be cherished and worn for many more years to come.

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