The Ethos.

I believe our clothes should be cherished for a lifetime, not loved momentarily. Therefore, I'm passionate about keeping the art of making clothes alive and championing the skill involved in the process. 

pocket strives to dissolve the mystique surrounding the origins of our clothes and offer you an insight into how your clothes are made. In order to build longer-lasting connections with clothing, it's important to feel a part of that garment's story. A story which starts with establishing  a connection with the creation process, and is enriched and embellished over time through wear and associated memories. 

Here's some of the ways pocket is doing things a little differently...


The vast majority of pocket garments are produced on a made-to-order basis, in order to avoid potential waste that could be created in the form of surplus stock. Therefore,  the supply meets the exact demand for a certain style or fabric option. 


The range is focused on the creation of classic pieces, designed to be worn all-year round and layered together to encourage wardrobe curation - buying less and loving longer. Quality and longevity are designed into every garment. I utilise high quality fabrics, durable seam finishes and hard-wearing design details to ensure each piece will withstand the test of time. 


I felt conflicted when launching the label about the idea of putting more clothing out into an already over-saturated supply chain. Therefore, I strive to be a part of the solution to this problem. Wherever possible, I source existing materials in order to re-imagine them as clothing. For instance, I turn pre-loved quilts into coats and vintage curtains into jackets.


All fabric leftover from cutting, scrap paper/card from pattern-drafting and thread offcuts from sewing are saved and re-used in scrappy patchwork pieces, or cut up to use as stuffing for craft projects.


Orders are wrapped in recyclable tissue paper, with a scrap fabric ribbon and posted in a biodegradable courier bag which can be re-used, recycled or composted.