The Ethos.

I believe our clothes should be cherished for a lifetime, not loved momentarily. But we have become increasingly disconnected with the origins of our clothing, and also it's true value.

pocket strives to break down the barriers between maker and wearer to offer you an insight into how your clothes are made. In order to build stronger, longer-lasting connections with the objects we choose to bring into our lives, I believe it is important to possess an understanding of the creation process and the skill it involves. 

pocket is doing things a little differently...


The vast majority of pocket garmnets are produced on a made-to-order basis, in order to avoid potential waste that could be created in the form of surplus stock. Therefore, we are supplying to meet exact demand.

Quality over quantity:

The pocket range is focused on creating timeless pieces which will withstand the test of time. It is designed to be worn all-year round and layered together to encourage wardrobe curation - buying less and loving longer. Longevity is built into every garment. We use high-quality fabrics, use durable seam finishes and


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