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Make Your Own Christmas Stocking

This tutorial is for use with the 'Make Your Own Stocking' Kit, which can be purchased here.


Kit contents:


Stocking outer front & back

Stocking lining front & back

1 x cuff

1 x hanging loop

2 x Interfacing

1 x Thread



You will also need:


A sewing machine

(or you could totally hand-sew too!)

Iron & ironing board



A safety pin

Quick unpick


Suitable for: Beginners 


Interfacing - an additional layer of reinforcing used to add stability &

more structure to a fabric to help the finished item hold it's shape better


Notches - marks cut into the seam allowance which help you to

line up the seams on two pattern pieces that are being joined together

Backtacking - sewing back over the previous 3-4 stitches to

secure, usually done at the beginning and end of a row of stitching

Tacking/basting - temporary stitches (usually with an increased stitch length)

used to hold two pieces together, which are often unpicked later on

Edgestitching - a row of stitching that runs approximately 1mm from the

edge of the seam, usually used as a decorative stitch or to close an opening





Fuse the outer stocking pieces

Place your interfacing - sticky side down - onto the wrong side of the front & back stocking pieces.

Using a pressing cloth to protect your iron, fuse the interfacing to the stocking front & back.


Construct the outer stocking and lining

Place front & back outer stocking right sides together - matching notches - and pin. Repeat with lining front & back.

Sew together with a 1cm seam allowance. Repeat with lining, leaving an opening between the first two notches

on the outer seam. Continue stitching below the opening, remembering to backtack when you start & finish.

Clip into curves up to your stitching and trim seam at toe and heel. Repeat with lining.

Press seams open and turn stocking outer right side out.


Construct the cuff and hanging loop

Fold hanging loop in half lengthways and stitch. Trim seam by half. Grab your safety pin & attach to one end

of the loop. Place pin inside loop and thread through the channel to turn right side out. Press flat & in half.

Fold cuff in half widthways and join short edges. Press seam open & press cuff in half.


Pin loop to cuff, centering over cuff seam. Tack in place at 5mm.

Attach the cuff to the stocking

Pin cuff along top edge of outer stocking, matching stocking outer seam with

cuff seam and pinning notches together. Tack stocking & cuff together at 5mm. 

Bag out stocking & cuff with lining

Place the stocking outer inside the lining. Match top edges at side seams, making sure

the opening in the lining is along the outer seam of the stocking and pin together.

Stitch stocking and lining together along the top edge, with

a 1cm seam allowance. Trim seam in half to reduce bulk.

Turn everything right side out through the opening

in the lining,  pushing out the toe and heel.

Close the lining opening and press

Edgestitch the opening in the lining to close. Push the lining back

inside the stocking and press seam to keep the lining in place.


And you're all done. Hang it up, make a brew and sit to admire your handiwork!

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